Mellicks was founded in 1928 by Joseph Mellick. The firm was specifically set up by him to meet the needs of commercial creditors initially in the city of Glasgow and its industrial hinterlands, but the firm quickly established a reputation for understanding the requirements of business clients and expanded to represent commercial clients throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK. 

We have specialised in all aspects of civil litigation since the firm was founded and have expanded our services over the years which now extend to all aspects of civil litigation, insolvency and dispute resolution, commercial and residential security creation and enforcement, media law and commercial and residential purchase sales and leases. 

Whoever the client we ensure that they enjoy the highest standard of service in every aspect of our work. 

Our ethos is to build and maintain, discreet, trusting and long-lasting relationships with our clients, whether individuals or business and we have consistently achieved this having enjoyed excellent relations with many of our clients over several decades.

Mellicks merged with the firm of Naftalin, Duncan & Co on 1st June 2016. Naftalin, Duncan & Co were formed in 1961. The merger strengthens  Mellicks in its existing areas of practice with the addition of Naftalin, Duncans' expertise in Family and Housing Association law.

The merger brings together two long standing and well respected Glasgow firms with a superb reputation for the provision of quality legal services with attention to detail.

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